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Message from the editor-in-chief

Anthropological Science (AS) is a research journal that primarily publishes original articles, but also publishes review articles and brief/material reports.  AS is for both biological and cultural researches, and a free OPEN-ACCESS journal using the J-STAGE platform.  Articles, reviews and reports discuss the variability, diversification, and evolution of humans and non-human primates, including morphological, genetic/genomic, functional, archaeological, ethnological, behavioral, ecological, and stratigraphic studies to understand human evolution.  

AS updated its editorial committee in January of 2020.  On behalf of the new committee members, I would like to thank Dr. Masato Nakatsukasa, a former Editor-in-Chief, who has been working for four years.  We continue his path and promise to publish high quality papers.  We plan and realize new trials.

The editors and the member of editorial board will cover these diverse areas of research and implement a fast and well-balanced manuscript processing.  AS is the official journal of the Anthropological Society of Nippon (Japan), but contributions from all over the world are welcomed by both members and non-members of the society.  If you are thinking about publishing new and interesting research results, please consider AS the target journal.

Hiroki Oota