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About ASN

The Anthropological Society of Nippon (ASN) is a scientific organization for physical anthropologists and interested professionals in related disciplines. ASN was founded in 1884 and is one of the earliest established learned societies of Japan.

Our mission is to advance anthropological research and to promote the dissemination and exchange of anthropological knowledge. We hold annual meetings, publish an official journal, give public symposia, and maintain contact with other societies. Members are entitled to receive the journal Anthropological Science, purchase Society publications, can participate in the annual and other meetings and present research papers. Members also have the right to participate in the Society's business and other administrative meetings as outlined in the Society Bylaws.

Our annual meeting is usually held in the fall. Its purpose is to present research results, to exchange information for the promotion of anthropological research and education, and to encourage friendship among members.

Our official journal Anthropological Science is published quarterly in English, and Anthropological Science (Japanese Series) twice a year. The journals publish original articles, review articles, brief communications and material reports contributed by either member or non-member. Starting from 2004, in addition to the printed journal, Anthropological Science is published online (

Public symposia are given on a non-regular basis. These include "The Japanese face: past, present and future" held in 1998, "How much more will stature increase in the Japanese people: past, present and future of physique change" held in 1999, "A rich aged-life: walking and being active" held in 2000, "Demography of the Japanese islands, how have we lived and died?" held in 2001, "Health and illness in ancient people and societies" in 2003, and others almost annually held to date.

ASN is administered by the president and eight executive officers. At the annual meetings, we hold the Council Meeting and the General Assembly to discuss and determine ASN administrative matters. The Society's fiscal year runs from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.